Freshline Foods Ltd. Expands Grab & Go Line with Ready-to-Eat Fruit & Vegetable Snackers!

Freshline Foods Ltd. Expands Grab & Go Line with Ready-to-Eat Fruit & Vegetable Snackers!

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Freshline Foods, one of Canada’s premier processors of fresh-cut, value-added fruits and vegetables, is making healthy snacking fun and exciting with the launch of its Snackers product line.

A new addition to the Freshline Foods family of Grab & Go products, Snackers come in nine nutritious and delicious tri-pack fruit and vegetable combinations: Apples & Grapes, Apples & Pears, Mandarin & Grapes, Orange Slices, Fruit Blend, Golden Pineapple, Mangos, Veggie Blend and Cucumbers & Peppers.

Snackers feature an easy-to-use and convenient clamshell packaging, which includes three individual size 90g containers stacked together and wrapped in an eye-catching plastic film made from recycled material.

“Our family of fresh fruit and vegetable Snackers are intended to provide no-fuss solutions for nourishing and nutritious snacking options for kids, youths and adults alike. In fact, each pack provides more than one serving of fresh fruits and vegetables, which helps Canadians to meet their recommended number of servings per day. They are uniquely designed as a portable hunger-fighting solution that can be easily tossed in a lunchbox, stashed in a desk at work or stocked in the refrigerator for quick snacking at home,” said Noel Brigido, Vice President of Freshline Foods. 

No matter the location or situation, Snackers are the perfect healthy grab-and-go option for consumers and can also be a great fresh-cut produce offering for schools, daycares, senior care facilities and hospitals.

“We wanted to provide a healthier twist to snacking on-the-go so we came up with a solution to bring the natural goodness and great taste of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables to consumers in way that is convenient, compact and easy-to-enjoy, “ said Noel Brigido, Vice President of Freshline Foods.

“Our Snackers serve as the perfect alternative to fatty or sugary snacks and are perfectly portion-controlled to offer just the right amount of healthy snacking to satisfy hunger in no time at all.”

The Snackers product line will be sold in retail locations across North America and consumers can now check their local grocers for product availability.