Tasty Ways to Cover up those “Icky” (but nutritious) Fruits and Vegetables

Tasty Ways to Cover up those “Icky” (but nutritious) Fruits and Vegetables

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No matter how much of a health nut you are, we all have those fruits and vegetables we know we should eat… but we just can’t get past their taste, colour or texture.  The downside is that you’re likely missing out on essential vitamins by avoiding these. The upside is that we’ve got some tricks up our sleeve to mask the things you hate most!

The Culprits

Brussels Sprouts: These little guys are packed full of vitamins and minerals, however many people can’t get past their bitter taste and leafy texture.

How to Hide it: First things first, ALWAYS cook your Brussels sprouts. This will get rid of that bitter taste and crunchy texture. We recommend cutting out the core and removing the layers of the Brussels sprout. Coat them in oil, salt and pepper and evenly distribute these on a cooking sheet then bake until crispy!


Beets: Some people love them; others can’t stand them. Since they’re a root veggie, many people think they taste like soil or dirt.

How to Hide it: Cook the beets in boiling water with a few table spoons of sugar to eliminate any bitter tastes. Once they are cooked and soft, dice up and add a handful to your favourite berry smoothie. We promise you wouldn’t even know they’re there!

Raw Cranberries: Many people believe that cranberry juice and cranberry sauce are healthy ways to get the high levels of antioxidants they provide. However, these items are full of processed ingredients and sugar. When trying them raw, they often can’t get past how bitter and sour they are!

How to Hide it:  Make sugar free raspberry/ cranberry chia jam! You can do this by simmering a handful of raspberries and cranberries in some orange juice until they cook down and become quite liquidly. Add in a few tablespoons of chia seeds and leave overnight to thicken! This tastes amazing on oatmeal or toast.

Kale: Some greens such as ice burg lettuce and romaine don’t have much taste at all, while others such as kale, Swiss chard and radicchio are much more potent in taste.

How to Hide it:  Kale, unlike many leafy greens, actually becomes quite crispy and flavourful when its baked. One great option is to coat in oil, salt, pepper and parmesan for a salty chip. Another idea is to add a cup to a citrusy smoothie to hide the taste!