Quality and Innovation

The Freshline Advantage

Why Work With Us

Freshline has constant direct access to first quality fruits and vegetables. Produce is held briefly in climate controlled areas under perfect temperature and moisture conditions, prior to processing. Time is of the essence in maintaining freshness. Freshline employs a “just in time” system, sourcing and processing produce only when requisitioned by clients.

  • Our technology is flexible enough to allow special custom short runs.
  • Freshline personnel are empowered to hand inspect and reject, at any point along the line.
  • If it’s part of Freshline, it’s the best technology available. Speedy but gentle, non-bruising
    machinery to efficiently slice, dice, peel, shred, cut or puree to your exact specs.
  • Everything is checked, double checked and triple checked for condition, texture and colour,
    all along the line.
  • Rigorous microbiological testing coupled with a thorough sanitation program ensures our
    equipment is fully sanitized. Customer’s specific micro testing requests are easily
  • Production codes are printed to ensure rapid trace and recall if required.
  • Freshline produces Kosher approved products.