Food Safety

At Freshline, food safety is a top priority.

Our rigorous safety standards are applied at every level of the supply chain from auditing suppliers, to daily testing of processed items and monitoring temperatures during shipping. We are committed to complying with federal, provincial and municipal food safety regulations and we off­er safe raw and value-added products of the highest quality. Our commitment to food safety is a source of great pride and we continuously invest in resources to protect our customers and to ensure we deliver the safest produce possible.

In our continued eff­ort to provide safe products to our customers, we strive to improve existing programs by reviewing our food safety management programs and requesting auditing companies to evaluate our programs and practices.

Our Food Safety And Quality Assurance Programs Include:

Fully trained in-house quality assurance team and use of third party labs for microbiological testing.

State-of-the-Art processing facility ensures produce is kept at optimal temperatures during storage, processing, packaging and shipping.

Retention samples are reviewed daily to ensure products are performing to specification.

Facilities are audited by various third-party companies.

Full traceability and live tracking of all delivery vehicles.

Strict shipping safety standards – Every truck is cleaned and inspected before each shipment and trailers are pre-cooled before produce is loaded.

Trailer temperatures monitored electronically in real-time and reviewed by our transportation and quality assurance department.

Supplier approval process in place and all supplies are validated.

Full employee RFID movement control.

Full movement based video surveillance.