Fresh Ideas & Fun 4 Kids

Getting kids to eat their fruits and vegetables isn’t always easy. Freshline’s goal is to create fun and friendly ways to introduce them to their meals.

Smart Eating

Try These Tips Out With Your Next Meal

Prepare your portions for kids, not adults. Adult-sized servings might be overwhelming for some kids, so be aware of how much you’re serving them.

Involvement is essential when cooking dinner! Get your kids involved in as many different stages of dinner as you can. This could be grocery shopping, preparing, or cooking dinner. Getting this hands-on experience gets your kids comfortable with whatever food you’re making. Also, since they invested this much time and effort into dinner, they will feel that they may as well try their spoils of labour.

When possible, make it a habit to serve two or three vegetables/fruits with most meals. Although they may not try all options presented to them, one of the two/three may be given a shot. The child may feel as though they have some control over what they eat and accept one of the two vegetables/fruits presented instead of neither.

Research shows that many children must be exposed to (and ideally taste) a new food 5 to 10 times and as many as 13 times before accepting it. Remember this during the first few times introducing new foods to your children. Patience is key.

Modeling good eating habits goes a long way with kids. They do look up to you after all. Be sure to eat a wide variety of vegetables and fruit every day in front of your little ones.

When it comes to healthy eating, let’s be honest, kids need a lot of pushing. Chocolate and candy will always be more appealing. There are other ways to present your fruits and vegetables to your kids than on a plate. Try putting our apple slices with caramel, make a dinosaur dinner (see below image) with mashed potatoes and broccoli. There are plenty of options out there that you are yet to try!