At Freshline, we believe in protecting the environment. As a company, we continually focus on sustainability and strive to reduce our carbon footprint in all aspects of our operations. Whether it’s improved warehousing and processing procedures to ensure resource conservation and to minimize environmental impact or our dedicated fleet maintenance and driving procedures, we are constantly investigating and embracing new systems and technologies as they become available to ensure we are the leaders when it comes to sustainability in our industry.

Naturally, as a produce company we have a deep connection with nature and work hard to design facilities and processes that benefit people and the planet.

We understand that sustainability is the only profitable, long-term strategy that will allow us to consistently deliver products in an efficient and low cost manner. Consequently, we view our sustainability initiative as a long term investment in the planet and our company’s well-being.

Our sustainability program focuses on the following areas:

Packaging Reduction

Packaging is among the largest sources of waste for any company. As such, our sustainability improvement team established a packaging reduction program that has reduced our packaging requirements by 14 percent in the past three years. In addition to lowering the volume of packaging materials used, we have also substituted many traditional plastic packages with biodegradable packaging materials, such as corn-based plastics.


Organic agriculture is often considered a subset of sustainable agriculture, which is the very reason our group of companies has invested so heavily in organics. Freshline is now a packer of a wide variety of organic items, including citrus, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage and peppers. Freshline’s sister company, Fresh Advancements, is a leader in Ontario’s organic movement and is now fortunate to be the largest seller of organic produce within the Ontario Food Terminal.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle has long been the motto of sustainability practitioners. It was also the motto of Freshline employees, who voluntarily drafted a “three R’s” program that was presented and eventually implemented by management. Today, this program diverts a quarter ton of waste away from landfills yearly.


We only partner with growers that have a proven history of good agricultural practices and each supplier is first audited to ensure they meet our stringent safety criteria.

Fuel and Energy Efficiency

At Freshline Foods, we continually seek out new methods to improve transportation efficiency. Our vehicles are routed by route optimization software and will even turn off automatically after five minutes of idle time. We are committed to reducing energy usage in our offices and warehouse and to this end, we have embraced a plethora of energy reducing techniques, such as energy efficient lighting, improved insulation, programmable thermostats, and sensor light bulbs that automatically turn off when a room is empty.

Water Conservation

Keeping processed fruits and vegetables safe and fresh is a highly water intensive process. Cleaning produce and sanitizing equipment requires a significant amount of water, which we have managed to minimize via our Water Saving Program. Our modern processing facility was furnished with processing and washing equipment designed to optimize water usage without compromising safety.